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Wednesday, 20 November 2019
Cirebon Power Opens Electricity Vocation Class II
CIREBON – Cirebon Power is back in the second generation of electricity vocational training. The first Electricity Vocation implemented
Tuesday, 27 August 2019
Cirebon Power Presents Open Green Park to Eastern Region of Cirebon (27/8/2019) | Taman Cirebon, one of the green open parks in the eastern region of Cirebon District, is
Wednesday, 21 August 2019
Cirebon Power Gave Appreciation to 1,000 Elementary Students (21/8/2019) | As a form of concern for the world of education, Cirebon Power once again gave awards
Saturday, 17 August 2019
Hundreds of Cirebon Power Employees Participated Independence Ceremony (17/8/2019) | Employees and workers in the Cirebon Power plant environment took part in holding the 74th Anniversary
Friday, 9 August 2019
Cirebon Power Donated Dozens of Livestock to Residents in Eid Al-Adha (9/8/2019) | Ahead of Eid Al-Adha, Cirebon Power distributed dozens of sacrificial livestock to the public on Friday
Friday, 17 May 2019
Cirebon Power Has Agreed to Recruit Labor from 9 Villages
Mind- (17/5/2019) | Cirebon Power (CP) has a different pattern to strengthen the friendship while empowering residents around
Friday, 29 March 2019
Cirebon Power Received Award of the Best Corporate in Cirebon (29/3/2019) | Cirebon Power, for the second time, was awarded as the Best Domestic Investment Company (PMDN) and
Friday, 22 February 2019
Construction of Unit 2 Cirebon Coal Fired Power Plant Reached 39 Percent (22/2/2019) | The progress of the National Strategic Project Development, namely the Cirebon Power Unit 2 unit with
Tuesday, 12 February 2019
Cirebon Power Reduced the Emission of PLTU (12/2/2019) | The Cirebon Power company received the “The Green Era Award for Sustainability” from the international agency
Thursday, 24 January 2019
Cirebon Power Gave Scholarship to 11,430 Students (24/1/2019) | Cirebon Power is, again, channeling CSR funds this time to 1,200 students in 20 Elementary Schools
Wednesday, 23 January 2019
Cirebon Power Immediately Open the Second Batch of Electric Vocational Class (23/1/2019) | Cirebon Power will open a new class for the Electricity Vocational program. The first class program
Friday, 21 December 2018
Vocational Students of Cirebon Power Faced Competency Examination
RadarCirebon (21/12/2018) | Electric Power Vocational Students of Cirebon Power entered the final stage of the education process. After
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