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Our Contributions to Power the Lives of Indonesia

For Cirebon Power, community development efforts are not just about responsibility. It’s about being human, it’s about making an impact, and it’s about sustaining and improving the lives of those around us.

We believe the success of our business is driven by the well-being of the communities we serve. Over the years, Cirebon Power has been working closely with Government Institutions and community groups to listen more to what our neighbors need and develop sustainable programs to cater to those needs. Creating initiatives in our Livelihood Restoration Program, to ensure the quality of life of directly impacted groups of the community. Ultimately, we want to power the lives of others, especially those closest to us.

The Way We Work

Making An Impact
  • Focusing to those closest to us, our community development programs are catered to the locals living around our project, including taking care of the family members of our local employees from the surrounding villages.
  • We want these programs to be about the communities, not about us. So, we bring together all elements of the society – Local Government, Community Groups, and all related stakeholders to join forces in planning, executing, evaluating and monitoring the community development programs.
  • These programs aim to support community members to have what they need to improve their quality of life. We want to see our partners be self-reliant and grow stronger.
  • These initiatives are designed to produce sustainable impacts, and build better lives well into the future.
The community development programs are performed in line with project management timeline:
  1. Survey and Study
    A detailed study to uncover social, economic, cultural, statistical, educational and other aspects of the local community to ensure the developed programs match the need of the beneficiaries through Program Feasibility Assessment.
  2. Planning
    Analyzing information from the survey, to design the best-suited programs.
  3. Implementation
    Ensuring the programs are executed as planned.
  4. Monitoring & Evaluation
    Evaluating deliverables and measuring the impact.
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