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Cirebon Power Director’s Greetings

Moving forward, moving to build.

Providing cleaner energy for the brighter future.

In these past few years, economic growth in Indonesia has been raising continuously and giving positive impact to the country development and life quality improvement of Indonesian. The growth also bring effect to the increasing demand for electricity.

As a developing country with 261.89 million citizens, the power consumption in Indonesia is 217 TWh in 2016. With economic growth predicted at 6.2% per year and increasing electricity consumption of 8.3% per year, it can be estimated that by 2026, the population will grow up to 287 million people and Indonesia needs electricity supply up to 483 TWh. Amounts of which are used for household electricity needs (42%) and industrial electricity needs (30%) respectively, as it is mentioned in RUPTL 2016-2026.

How Indonesia will generate that much of electricity?

Cirebon Power will take part to solve the challenges. Established in 2007, Cirebon Power is an international consortium involving Asia’s leading energy and infrastructure company to pioneer cleaner energy solutions using technological advances to preserve the environment and to ensure a better life for all by the power we produce. Cirebon Power has evolved, from a power plan company to a respected private power plan developer.

Located 250 km east of the Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, Cirebon is a bustling port city on the northern West Java, spreads over 1,000 KM2 of both city and regency areas.

In its early days, Cirebon was a small fishing village that grew into one of the trade centers of Java. Influenced by its strategic geographical location and natural resources, the vibrant city was designated as a transit port for import-export goods and as a communications route to the political control center for the Java Island.

Cirebon Power’s first unit of 1x660 MW power plant in Kanci, West Java is the pioneer of Supercritical Technology (SC). The power plant has begun its operation 8 months ahead of schedule in July 2012, producing 5 TWh of electricity annually to the Jawa-Madura-Bali (Jamali) grid. Powered by more than 200 people, Cirebon Power aims to implement cost-effective and environmentally-friendly operation.

We are commited to produce cleaner energy solution and preserve the environment to ensure a better life for the environment and people around us.

We are optimistic for what we have achieved for the whole years and pursue to give more to the community and grow to be a pioneer, trusted, friendly, and impactful company.

Now we are developing a more powerful expansion project of 1x1000 MW in the same area, adopting Ultra-Supercritical Technology (USC) that uses higher temperatures and pressure to drive efficiency up to 40%. Currently only around 3% of coal-fired power plants around the world uses Ultra-Supercritical technology. USC reduces CO2 emissions by up to a third compared to subcritical plants with the same amount of coal input. This bigger and stronger 2nd unit is set to operate in 2022.

This innovation is one of our commitments to contribute to reduce global emission and ensure more sustainable future. Not only to improve our efficiency and enable us to achieve fuel cost savings and reduce emissions for each kWh of electricity generated, but also using less coal and producing less emission to generate cleaner energy.

We believe the success of our business is driven by the well-being of the communities we serve. Over the years, Cirebon Power has been working closely with government institution, community groups, and related stakeholders and creating initiatives to uplift the quality of life of the community, drive the economic growth, and bring along Cirebon to be the center of electrical energy in Indonesia.

Cirebon Power is now partner up with Korea Midland Power (KOMIPO) to initiate vocational program on electricity, a profound step to build a qualified operation and maintenance (O&M) team with strong knowledge upon clean coal technology. Now, we are also reviewing the opportunity to utilize digital technology to optimize the efficiency of our power plant operations.

Cirebon Power has a strong guiding principle that allows us to give meaning to our existence throughout our work. We generate energy solutions using technological advances to preserve the environment and to ensure a better life on Indonesian. We are committed to produce energy that would not only make things brighter, but most importantly lives better.

For Cirebon Power, community development efforts are not just about responsibility. It’s about being human, it’s about making an impact, it’s about sustaining and empowering the lives of the people around us. We support economic empowerment of the community through several initiatives, such as environmental rehabilitation and mangroves planting, community cooperatives, loans for small community business, vocational training, and student reward. We do believe that our small movement could bring positive energy to the community and grow together as family.

We dream of growing and moving forward to contribute to create a brighter future for Indonesia. We are committed to deliver a smarter, cleaner, and more reliable energy for everyone. To power a nation and each and every life in it. Empowering Indonesia and empowering life.

Best Regards,

Cirebon Power