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Cirebon Power Opens Electricity Vocation Class II

Cirebon Power Opens Electricity Vocation Class II

CIREBON – Cirebon Power is back in the second generation of electricity vocational training. The first Electricity Vocation implemented by the private sector is expected to open up opportunities for Vocational School graduates in Cirebon to join the electricity industry.

Head of Vocational Training Cirebon Power, Algan Naharo said, over the next six months, 20 selected students will attend in house training, role play game, rotational on the job training, and dedicated position on the job training.

It does not only involve domestic instructors who are experts and professionals, but the training also involved instructors from South Korea. Just like before, the trainees will get a certificate of competency upon graduation. “Later the vocational graduates are equipped with qualified skills, their chances are greater to be absorbed in the project,” Algan said, Wednesday (11/20).

Unlike the first batch, this time the vocational participants were recruited by the ASPAM Manpower Recruitment Committee (Astanajapura, Pangenan, and Mundu). So that the vocational students are the best representatives from 9 villages around the plant, the best participants are taken. The age of participants is limited between 18-24 years old, with an academic requirement of an average minimum value of 7. This is done so that the best potential of residents around the plant can be prioritized to get employment opportunities at the Cirebon Power plant.

Algan said students of electricity vocational graduates have proven their abilities. In the first batch, six of them have worked at PT Cirebon Power Services (CPS), a subsidiary of the operational management and maintenance (O&M) of Coal-Fired Power Plant 1 (PLTU 1) Cirebon. While others are also absorbed in several electricity industries. “We are sure, they can be absorbed by the industry and the project because they have specific and rare expertise, and also have a mental attitude ready to work,” he said.

In his greetings when opening the Electricity Vocational Training, Angus Baird, Cirebon Power Project Manager asked participants to take advantage of this opportunity as well as possible. “This is an opportunity for local people to have skills in the electricity sector.

Then with competitiveness, it can fulfill the skills needed by the electricity industry both in Cirebon Power and other power plants,” he said.
Meanwhile, one of the instructors from Korea Midland Power (KOMIPO), Mr. Lee stated, there were three teams brought in to support this vocational program. He also felt impressed with the participants, because from the beginning the training had shown its potential. “They have high curiosity in power plants, the atmosphere in the classroom is dynamic because students are actively asking questions,” he said.

Lee hoped that the participants could take part in the training smoothly and through to completion. So that to absorb all knowledge about the operation and maintenance of power plants. (yud / rls)

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