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Powering the Life of Indonesia

Is more than just a slogan. For us, it’s a guiding principle that allows us to give meaning to our existence. Cirebon Power was envisioned to pioneer cleaner energy solutions using technological advances to preserve the environment and to ensure a better life for all by the power we produce.

What can we help you today?

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe the success of our business is driven by the well-being of the communities we serve.
Over the years, Cirebon Power has been working closely with Government Institutions and community groups
to listen more to what our neighbors need and develop sustainable programs to cater to those needs.
Creating initiatives in our Livelihood Restoration Program, to ensure the quality of life of directly impacted groups of the community.
Ultimately, we want to power the lives of others, especially those closest to us.


Cirebon Power is committed to support economic empowerment of the community through these initiatives: Shrimp Paste Production, Community Cooperatives, Crafting Local Economic Institution of Fishermen, Micro Financing, Vocational Training


Cirebon Power recognizes education as one of the building blocks of a nation. Our educationinitiatives focus on these programs: Learning Bus, Storytelling, Students Reward, Computer Class


A Strong Community is a Healthy Community. Cirebon Power develops Primary Health and Sanitation Programs to ensure the well-being of those living around us.


In a continuing effort to preserve the environment, Cirebon Power in partnership with local environmental NGOs have initiated environmental rehabilitation programs: Seedlings Bank, Mangrove Planting, Trees Planting And is developing a big plan for the future Cirebon Park

Cirebon Power