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Cirebon Power Reduced the Emission of PLTU

Cirebon Power Reduced the Emission of PLTU (12/2/2019) | The Cirebon Power company received the “The Green Era Award for Sustainability” from the international agency Otherways’ Management & Consulting Association in Lisbon, Portugal. Cirebon Power is considered successful in becoming a pioneer of clean energy in Indonesia.

The Green Era Award for Sustainability Award is given to companies, institutions and individuals chosen by the jury to achieve environmental cleanliness, innovation, quality and technology as well as sustainable industrial practices.

Cirebon Power President Director Heru Dewanto said the award spurred the company to improve the quality of clean energy from the operation of the power plant.

“We are committed to green sustainability. Because of that, from the very beginning we made sure to be a pioneer of clean coal technology, and implemented various advanced facilities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and effects to the lowest level, “Heru said, Tuesday (12/2).

Heru said, Cirebon Power will also use the latest technology and be ready to become a 4.0 industry pilot project. This program is in order to welcome the government’s goal to create a digitalization industry.

He explained, Cirebon Power plant emissions were far below the government threshold. In fact, he said, Cirebon Power is in the top position of all environmentally friendly plants. “We have also succeeded in suppressing greenhouse gases always below 1.00 kg CO2 eq / KWh which is determined as the optimal value in the electricity generation industry,” Heru said.

In carrying out green sustainability, Cirebon Power engages the community around the power plant. According to Heru, community empowerment is not just a social responsibility, but also an effort to grow and develop together with the community around the power plant.

“We support more than 1000 micro and small businesses to develop, and collaborate with fishermen and environmentalists to green the Cirebon coast. In the education sector, we initiated the first electricity vocational program to produce skilled personnel, as well as to encourage the enthusiasm of learning for tens of thousands of elementary school students, ”said Heru.

Cirebon Power is the first consortium of coal fired power plant developers in Indonesia to apply clean coal technology in Indonesia, by operating the 660 MW Cirebon PLTU since 2012. The earliest power plant to implement this super critical technology produces 5 TWh of electricity annually or the equivalent of electric power for one million homes.

The company is also building a second plant with a capacity of 1,000 MW. The plant, which is targeted to operate in 2022, will use more advanced and cleaner technology, namely Ultra Super Critical. The process of building the plant has now reached 24 percent and is targeted to be operational in 2022 to strengthen electricity supply in the Java-Madura-Bali (Jamali) Grid.


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