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Construction of Unit 2 Cirebon Coal Fired Power Plant Reached 39 Percent

Construction of Unit 2 Cirebon Coal Fired Power Plant Reached 39 Percent (22/2/2019) | The progress of the National Strategic Project Development, namely the Cirebon Power Unit 2 unit with a capacity of 1×1000 MW, has now reached 39 percent and is targeted to operate in February 2022.

To RRI Director of Cirebon Power Corporate Affairs, Teguh Haryono accompanied by Petrus Sihono said the development process had gone on 39 percent and this was beyond expectation to reach the target.

“The construction of Unit 2 for Java, Madura and Bali has been running on the track and has reached 4.22 million working hours without any work accident, this includes temporary jetty, power block foundation, some steel structure on progress, contracts and manufacturing and special for the construction itself the progress is 24.26 percent, this is a maximum achievement, the construction of Cirebon Power 2 unit is also in accordance with the budget, on time, quality, and the most important thing is the safety and security of work, besides that we are also operating targets from the beginning of the month April 2022 became February 2022, “Teguh Haryono told reporters at the Media Gathering session in a Cirebon City cafe on Friday (22/2/2019).

In addition, there were also confirmed Teguh total manpower or project workers were 1,590 people. “Now, with the number of workers reaching 1590 people, it provides fortune opportunities for the community around the project to open massages, then grocery stalls of various food and drink needs, rented houses or boarding houses and also motorcycle care services,” Teguh said.

He hopes that the Unit 2 PLTU Development will continue to be consistent and on target so that in the future it can provide better benefits for meeting electricity needs in Indonesia. In addition, various awards have also been received by Cirebon Power from the 1 x 660 MW PLTU Unit 1 namely The Green Era Sustainability Award 2019, ISO 9001, 14001, 45000, IBEA 2018 The Most Environmental Conserved Companty, ISDA 2018 Platinum and Golden on Coastal Social Economic Empowerment Improvement, Residents, Life Quality Improvement, TOP CSR Aword 2018 for terasi houses and Top Leader On CSR Commitment.


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