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Advanced Technologies for a Cleaner Energy Solution

UNIT 1 - 660 MW

Supercritical Boiler Technology (SC)

Supercritical plants make up about 22% of the global coal-fired power plants, with 40% thermal efficiency. Supercritical plants operate at higher steam pressures and temperatures resulting in 20% less CO2 emissions compared to Subcritical plants

UNIT 2 - 1000 MW

Ultra-Supercritical Boiler Technology (USC)

Like Supercritical technology, Ultra-Supercritical technology uses even higher temperatures and pressure to drive efficiency up to 45%. Currently only around 3% of coal-fired power plants around the world uses Ultra-Supercritical technology. USC reduces CO2 emissions by up to a third compared to subcritical plants with the same amount of coal input.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

This facility treats all waste water generated during the plant’s operation and maintenance period. We conduct daily monitoring and send the samples to an independently certified laboratory for monthly monitoring.

Fly Ash & Bottom Ash

What Are Fly Ash and Bottom Ash?

Cirebon Power