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Shrimp Paste House Inaugurated

Shrimp Paste House Inaugurated

Since the inception of this project in early 2013, CEP, in close collaboration with Kanci Kulon Village Officials & PKK, the local Fishery Office,  the local Agriculture Office and other government agencies, supports and facilitates the development of PKK group through capacity building in terms of (1) organization and administration skills; (2) production improvement in terms of packaging quality and production quantity; and (3) broader distribution and marketing to cover areas outside Cirebon. The objective of this Cimisbon project is to empower local women by developing and promoting this alternative livelihood.

This project will be developed sustainably and is intended to be an alternative environmentally friendly livelihood for Kanci Kulon people in addition to farming and carpenting, which have been their main livelihoods. In addition, it is also aimed at improving their living standard and enabling them to participate effectively in a sustainable development.

As of 2014, CEP continues its supports for local community by establishing a shrimp paste house (Rumah Terasi). The opening ceremony was carried out on Thursday, 20 March 2014 at 10:00. Rector, dean and lecturers of Universitas Swadaya Gunung Jati (Unswagati), the Director of West Java Sea Police, local leaders (Muspika), and villagers of Kanci Kulon attended this ceremony. It started with an opening remark from CEP representative, and then followed with remarks from Rector of Unswagati, Director of West Java Sea Police and a representative of the local Agriculture Office. In his opening remark, CEP representative expected an increased number of terasi makers from currently 30 members in the future so that this program can benefit other community members. In this occassion, CEP and Unswagati signed an MOU to jointly develop this project together with Kanci Kulon villagers.

The House will function as a packaging and distribution center,  where they can pack their products better so that they can increase the value of their products and sell them to other markets in Cirebon. In collaboration with Unswagati, CEP will continue using the House as a Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) center, where CEP and Unswagati can facilitate more trainings and capacity building activities.

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