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Coastal (Kanci Village) Batik Training Program

Coastal (Kanci Village) Batik Training Program

Cirebon Steam Power Plant (PLTU Cirebon) always looks for the potential and uniqueness when it comes to community economic development for the locals.The program has to be used to improve their income and prosperity. After a long extensive research and observing the interest from the community towards batik, CEP then collaborates with Economics Faculty of UNSWAGATI Cirebon to conduct a batik making workshop. Sanggar Batik Katura has given the opportunity to deliver the basic batik making workshop for the locals who live nearby the plant. After socialization and followed by candidates selection, about 50 persons attended the workshop that was held from 18 September to 16 October 2014.

During the workshop, the participants were intensely given the basic technics on batik making from scratch.

The main event took place during the closing ceremony on 16 October 2014, where the participants displayed their work to the audience. Mr. Katura selected 10 the best batik from 50 participants. Among them, there was one participant who creatively made the batik by using his/her own pattern design that made it the best batik among all.

( Best Batik Presentation Delivered by one of participant – above )

After the workshop concluded, the participants will be given the advance batik making workshop and will be mentored by the Economics Faculty of UNSWAGATI Cirebon. The advance batik making workshop includes designing skills, marketing and the process of batik selling. The participants are expected to be able to establish a Kampung Batik (Batik Village) in the area where they live.


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