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Cirebon CSR Expo 2014

Cirebon CSR Expo 2014

PT. Cirebon Electric Power (CEP) recently participated the Cirebon CSR Expo 2014 held at the Cirebon Super Block Mall located in Cipto Mangunkusumo Street, Cirebon. The event was held from 14 to 16 August 2014 as a part of a socialization activity from a CSR Forum for companies in Ciayumajakuning (Cirebon-Indramayu-Majalengka-Kuningan) region and to commemorate the 69th of the Indonesia Independence Day.

The event was attended by the Regent of Cirebon, Mr. Sunjaya Purwadi, and the opening remarks delivered by the Mayor of Cirebon, Mr. Ano Sutrisno. The Head of Cirebon Coordinating Board for Governance & Development (BKPP region III) was also among the audience, together with a number company CEOs who all participated the three-day events.

Using the theme of “Heading Towards Independent Communities” as a guide, the Cirebon CSR Expo 2014 was also participated by other major companies such as PT. PLN Cirebon, PT. Pertamina, State Gas Company (PGN), Indocement, Bank of Indonesia, PT. Pelindo, Paramitha Laboratorium, Pelabuhan Hospital, Mitra Plumbon Hospital, and many more.

In line with the theme, CEP has been conducting an economic empowerment program through Partnership & Community Development Program. As Cirebon is well known as The Shrimp City, and shrimp paste is one of the major sea products from Cirebon, one of company main program is called “Rumah Terasi” (The House of Shrimp Paste) and has been running since 2012. For this program, CEP collaborates with the Government Agency for Marine & Fishery, and Community Services Institution of Swadaya Gunung Jati University (UNSWAGATI), Cirebon. The program provides mentoring and capacity building for shrimp paste makers who live nearby the CEP plant, especially in Kanci Kulon village. The program provides various activities including knowledge-transfer, quality control, packaging, and marketing.

As the result, on August 2014, the shrimp paste makers were able to produce “Super Organic Shrimp Paste” and this was proudly introduced at the CSR Expo 2014. The shrimp paste maker confidently gave a presentation and introduced the product to the expo attendees. During the EXPO, they were also invited by the Cirebon Coordinating Board for Governance & Development Office to give presentation for knowledge sharing on how to make the product later on 20 August 2014.

Besides the “Rumah Terasi”, CEP also has delivered other community empowerment programs in the form of a corporate social responsibility towards the development of the Cirebon Regency. Among the programs is the 240 hours Competence Basis Skills Training Program. For this training, CEP collaborated with the Training Centre of the Cirebon Manpower & Transmigration Agency. The program offers various trainings such as welding, automotive technician, sewing, and bridal make-up. The program has graduated 160 participants who have been given the opportunity to do an internship at CEP’s plant or with CEP’s partners. CEP also delivers revolving fund loan program without any interest for small-enterprises. Currently, the program which collaborate with University of Swadaya Gunung Jati Cirebon has 167 beneficiaries with total fund absorbed IDR 168 million.

All ongoing programs that has been started will be continued in a manner, is consistent with the CEP’s vision and mission. Among the ongoing programs is economic empowerment to improve the welfare of the local communities.

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