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Vocational Students of Cirebon Power Faced Competency Examination

Vocational Students of Cirebon Power Faced Competency Examination

RadarCirebon (21/12/2018) | Electric Power Vocational Students of Cirebon Power entered the final stage of the education process. After nearly 4,800 hours of on-the-job training, their competencies were tested by experts from the Indonesian Electricity Engineering Association (IATKI).

The exam was held for three days, 20-22 December 2018, including written tests, field practice and interviews. After taking this exam, vocational students will get a certificate of competence and take a graduation procession.

Cirebon Power’s Head of Vocational Training, Towip, said, this vocational class continued until early next year. Participants not only get material in the classroom, but practice directly with a variety of machines and generating instruments. Then their abilities are tested by experts. “This competency test is our standard to ensure students already have adequate knowledge and skills at the operator level,” Towip said, Friday (12/21).

Electricity vocational school graduates have been equipped with skills to be ready to work. Since the program began in August, students have participated in 4,800 hours of on-the-job training. While the material in the classroom and mentoring coaching the portion is approximately 200 hours.

This vocational program is expected to be able to bridge vocational graduates to have the competency to work in clean coal technology power plants. So they can work in power plants in Indonesia. The Cirebon Power Electricity Vocation is the first initiative undertaken by the private sector in Indonesia, to produce skilled and reliable personnel in the field of operation and maintenance of clean coal technology power plants.

As is known, Cirebon Power is a consortium of electricity developers in Cirebon Regency, which currently operates a power plant with a capacity of 660 MW. This power plant is one of the pioneers in the use of clean coal technology, which is super critical. At present it is building a second plant with a capacity of 1,000 MW with ultra-super critical technology. The process of building this plant has reached 28% and is projected to be operational by 2022.


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