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Cirebon Power Received 2 Top CSR Awards

Cirebon Power Received 2 Top CSR Awards (8/10/2018) | The community economic empowerment program began in 2014. The program involved residents around the power plant, and collaborated with Cirebon academics.

“Right now, business people can be independent in doing business. We will develop it again by cooperating with financial institutions so that more citizens can benefit, “Heru said, on the sidelines of the event, last weekend.

To help marketing, organic terasi produced by Rumah Terasi is also marketed online on various shopping sites. Rumah Terasi is also active in participating in various local industry exhibitions, both in Cirebon and at the national level.

He hoped that the CSR program can provide economic effects to the people of Cirebon. With the shrimp paste house, mothers in Cirebon give a decent additional income. Besides that, Cirebon Power also has batik crafters.

“Employees or contractors can use batik from local craftsmen that we build,” he said.

Heru who also won the TOP Leader on CSR Commitment 2018 award thanked all parties involved and worked together in the success of the Cirebon Power community programs.

The 2018 CSR Top Award event was an initiation from Business News Indonesia Magazine in collaboration with KNKG (National Committee on Governance Policy) and CSR Society of Indonesia. In the event held at the Sultan Hotel in Jakarta on Thursday (4/10), a number of state-owned companies and national companies also received awards, including PT Pertamina, PT Inalum, PT Freeport Indonesia, MNC Group, Bank Muammalat, KIDECO, PT Pembangkit Jawa- Bali, and PT Pupuk Indonesia.

According to Heru, currently Cirebon Power also has several excellent CSR programs. One of them is the Electricity Vocational Education Center which was started not long ago.

The program is now attended by 20 of the best vocational school graduates in Cirebon. They will attend training for 6 months, including on job training. He hopes this program will produce skilled workers in the electricity sector, who are ready to work in the power generation industry.

“We train and educate them with very specific and rare knowledge and expertise, namely the operation and maintenance of clean coal technology plants,” he explained.

In other fields, Cirebon Power also runs a mangrove planting program in collaboration with residents, village government, and environmentalists. The company has planted more than 70 thousand mangroves along the Cirebon coast.

Last month the Electricity, Mangrove Planting and Terasi House Vocational Center also won an award at the 2018 Indonesia Sustainability Development Award (ISDA).

Cirebon Power is a private power generator or Independent Power Producer (IPP) pioneer of clean coal plants in Indonesia, which operates in Cirebon Regency, West Java. The consortium has been operating a power plant with a capacity of 660 MW with super critical technology since 2012. Currently it is building a second plant of 1,000 MW by implementing ultra-super critical technology.


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