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Cirebon Power is Rated Succesfully Develop Eco-friendly Coal Fired Power Plant

Cirebon Power is Rated Succesfully Develop Eco-friendly Coal Fired Power Plant (16/11/2018) | The Cirebon Power Power Consortium is considered successful in developing an environmentally friendly Coal Fired Power Plant (PLTU) in Indonesia. Evidently, Cirebon Power won two prestigious awards in two consecutive days this week.

Cirebon Power won the Best Pioneer in Utilization of Clean Coal Technology award in the Country at the 2018 ASEAN Outsanding Engineering Achievement Award in Singapore on November 14, 2018. The award, given by the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations (AFEO), was to appreciate the breakthrough of the Cirebon PLTU Cirebon, who became the pioneers in the application of clean coal technology.

Then, the power plant company also won a special award for The Best Environmentally Concerned Company in the Indonesia Best Electricity Award 2018 in Jakarta, November 15, 2018. In this event, Cirebon Power was judged to be highly committed and successful in protecting the environment in running its power plants.

Cirebon Power President Director, Heru Dewanto said, the award was an affirmation and appreciation for the company’s hard work to help preserve the environment. According to him, the confessions were obtained from the community, academia, industry, government and international parties.

“This is proof of our concern for the environment. So this is an acknowledgment of our hard work. All employees at Cirebon Power are truly committed to values,” Heru said in a statement in Jakarta (16/11).

Cirebon Power is a power plant consortium that has been operating the Cirebon 660 PLTU with a capacity of 660 megawatts (MW) since 2012. This power plant is a pioneer in applying super critical technology that is environmentally friendly compared to ordinary PLTU. The company is also building the Cirebon Unit II PLTU with a capacity of 1,000 MW. At the plant which is targeted to operate in 2022, Cirebon Power uses a more advanced and cleaner technology, namely Ultra Super Critical.

Heru said Cirebon Power was not complacent and continued to improve performance. Likewise, performance and operating standards will also be improved. “This is to improve the company’s performance in running the power plant,” he said.


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