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Cirebon Power Inaugurated the Center for Electrical Vocational Education for High School

Cirebon Power Inaugurated the Center for Electrical Vocational Education for High School (3/8/2018) | The first class of the electricity vocational program in collaboration with Cirebon Power, Korean Midland Power (KOMIPO) and the Ministry of Industry, has officially begun. The training program, which was followed by 20 SMK graduates in Cirebon, will be carried out for six months, and will be initiated by the State Defending Education (PPBN) at the 0620 Kodim / Cirebon District Headquarters.

Cirebon Power Technical Director, Jin Soo Chon, in his remarks said that the 20 vocational participants were the best results of the selection conducted at a number of SMKs in Cirebon.

He said he recruited superior seeds from vocational schools to get 6 months of education and training opportunities, from experts in the electricity sector in Indonesia and Korea. Therefore, he hoped that the vocational participants can make the most of the gospel opportunity. Soo Chon also asked the participants, to be disciplined, resilient and eager to undergo the program for 6 months.

“We also hope that all participants can graduate to become professionals with expertise in the electricity sector, and also have discipline and high morale,” Soo Chon said through his official statement Friday (3/8/2018).

Meanwhile Head of Communication of Cirebon Power, Yuda Panjaitan explained that the Electricity Vocational program for the operation and maintenance of clean coal technology power plants is the first in Indonesia.

According to Yuda, along with the implementation of the national electricity program 35 thousand Mega Watt (MW) will be followed by the need for large numbers of skilled and skilled workers. For this reason, Cirebon Power initiated this vocational program to overcome the gap of skills, bridging SMK graduates to have the competency to work in clean coal technology power plants.

“With the knowledge and expertise that will be possessed, vocational graduates will be eligible to work in any power plant, because the knowledge we share is very specific and still rare in Indonesia. Later we will be proud because Cirebon is known as a producer of skilled human resources in the field of clean coal electricity. , “said Yuda.

Yuda added that the vocational class, which will last until early 2019, will not only be in the form of providing material in the classroom, but also practical work practices with various machinery and generating instruments.

“In order to truly produce vocational graduates who are skilled and ready to work, the weight of Education is greater for direct practice or on job training for 4800 hours, while the material in the classroom and mental development is approximately a total of 200 hours,” said Yuda.

Cirebon Power is a consortium of electricity developers in Cirebon Regency, West Java, which currently operates a 660 MW power plant, which is one of the pioneers in the use of clean coal technology, which is super critical. At present it is building a second plant with a capacity of 1,000 MW with ultra-super critical technology. The plant construction process has reached 15.7% and is projected to be operational by 2022.


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