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Cirebon Power Immediately Open the Second Batch of Electric Vocational Class

Cirebon Power Immediately Open the Second Batch of Electric Vocational Class (23/1/2019) | Cirebon Power will open a new class for the Electricity Vocational program. The first class program was officially closed and graduated 19 participants. In fact, they also had received operational certification and maintenance of clean coal power plants.

Cirebon Power’s President Director, Heru Dewanto, confirmed that he would open the second generation selection as soon as possible this year.

“We will evaluate this first, then open the selection again,” Heru Dewanto said when met after the graduation ceremony of the Cirebon Power Electricity Vocational students, at the Cirebon Power Vocational Center, Waruduwur Village, Mundu District, Cirebon Regency, Wednesday (1/23/2019) ).

He said the selection would target a number of SMKs in the Cirebon region. He said he would invite the best graduates from the vocational high school to take part in the selection.

Next they will be screened and 20 people will be taken to attend the vocational class. “This vocational program consists of 200 hours of study guided by instructors from the Manufacturing Polytechnic of Bandung, and experts from Korea,” Heru Dewanto said.

According to him, the students also had to undergo 4800 hours of practical work or on job training at the Cirebon Power plant.

Heru said, at the end of the program the vocational class participants took the competency test conducted by the Indonesian Electricity Engineering Association (IATKI).

“These vocational graduates have competency certificates from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, so they are qualified to work in any power plant, moreover their expertise is very rare and specific,” said Heru Dewanto.


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