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Cirebon Power Has Been Ready to Become Pilot Project of Industrial 4.0 in Power Plant

Cirebon Power Has Been Ready to Become Pilot Project of Industrial 4.0 in Power Plant (9/5/2018) | The Cirebon PLTU would be a pilot project for a fourth generation industrial or industrial 4.0 based power plant for operation and maintenance. This was done to help the government and make operational efficiency of the power plant.

Cirebon Power President Director Heru Dewanto said, this effort would help the government that was pushing the industry 4.0 and welcomed technological advances.

“We have conveyed to the Ministry of Industry that we are ready to become a pilot project for industrial management 4.0,” he said in a written statement, Wednesday (9/5).

According to him, there were several benefits of industrial asset management 4.0. First, to predict the timing of damage or problems in a plant, in order to be able to replace parts before they are damaged. So the generator does not die suddenly.

“If it cannot be predicted, do not know when the spare parts will be replaced. So that the power plant dies, the impact and the loss are greater “Heru said.

Heru explained, predicting the durability of parts or engines can prevent the generator from dying suddenly. This can also prevent penalty payments to PT PLN (Persero). “If the power plant dies, we must pay a penalty to PLN,” said Heru. Thus the power plant can reduce expenses that could have been avoided.

Secondly, the application of Industry 4.0 also aimed at energy efficiency. According to him, the power plant could save power plants, namely coal, as much as 0.5% – 1.5% in one year.

Cirebon Power is a consortium of independent power producer (IPP) PLTU Cirebon 660 Megawatt (MW) which has been operating in 2012. Cirebon Power is also currently building a Cirebon Unit II PLTU with a capacity of 1,000 MW. These two plants are pioneers of clean coal plants.

Cirebon 660 MW PLTU uses super critical technology (SC). While the Cirebon Unit II PLTU will use ultra super critical technology (USC) which is more sophisticated and environmentally friendly than SC.


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