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Cirebon Power Gave Scholarship to 11,430 Students

Cirebon Power Gave Scholarship to 11,430 Students (24/1/2019) | Cirebon Power is, again, channeling CSR funds this time to 1,200 students in 20 Elementary Schools (SD) and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) around the Cirebon PLTU location, Thursday (1/23). Since 2012 Cirebon Power has provided scholarships to 11,430 elementary / MI students.

Scholarships are given to those who rank 1 to 10 in each class. This will increase the enthusiasm of students to keep achieving top 10 ranking achievements to get it.

Cirebon Power Development Manager Yusuf Arianto said the gift was made so that students continue to improve their performance at school. This has motivated students to maintain their class performance.

“Motivation is very important so that they are happy to be ranked in the top 10. This is also a form of our attention to the surrounding community, “said Yusuf.

A similar sentiment was revealed by Cirebon Power’s Head of Community Development, Hafidz Saptandito, who was present at the scholarship. Hafidz said that Cirebon Power has provided scholarships to students since 2012 every semester.

“We are here and want to always be a community with the surrounding community. Various programs were rolled out to ease the burden and educate the communities around Cirebon Power, “said Hafidz.

Previously, said Hafizd, Cirebon Power had also made Taman Bacaan for the people of Desa Bandengan and Citemu. Of course the reading park is also open to the public so as to provide insight to the community, especially students around the Cirebon PLTU workshop.

While Head of MI Wathoniah 1 of Kanci Village, Lutfi said that his party thanked Cirebon Power for helping the community a lot. Help has provided motivation for students.

“Now students always race to enter the top 10 ranking. They are much more diligent in learning, “Lutfi said.


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