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1,000 Students in Cirebon Regency Received Achievement t Scholarship from Cirebon Power

1,000 Students in Cirebon Regency Received Achievement t Scholarship from Cirebon Power (20/8/2018) | 1000 elementary school (SD) and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) students in three sub-districts which are located close to the Cirebon PLTU in Cirebon, namely Astanajapura, Mundu and Pangenan, received an Achievement and Appreciation Scholarship from Cirebon Power. 1000 students were drawn from 20 schools in three districts. “Now that’s from 1000 elementary school students. Every school, ten students who excel, take 1-10 ranks in each class and we collect them into 1 in SDN 01 Kanci for Appreciation Scholarships,” said Director of Cirebon Power, Teguh Haryono after awarding Scholarships in appreciation SDN 01 Kanci on Monday (08/20/2018)

According to Teguh, this appreciation event has been carried out for 5 years and usually Cirebon Power gives appreciation in each semester to 1,200 students, but currently, it only distributes to 1000 students. “This program has been routinely given to 1200 students, so this year students who are in grade 6 have entered junior high school, so, those who are currently accepting only grades 1-5 with a total of 1000 students,” Teguh said.

Furthermore, he firmly stated that giving appreciation to these students has the aim to stimulate students’ enthusiasm for learning to continue to excel. With this appreciation, other students will compete for achievement. “This is one of our efforts, to encourage students to excel to be the best.” Teguh said.

Rafi, a student from SD Citemu who was one of the recipients of the achievement scholarship, was proud and happy to get an appreciation from Cirebon Power. “Very happy, this will be used to buy shoes and bags, thank you Cirebon Power,” Said Rafi with a smile to RRI.

Meanwhile, Representative of UPTD Education in Astanajapura Subdistrict, Toyib appreciated the scholarship appreciation activities that are routinely carried out by Cirebon Power. According to him, Cirebon Power has contributed quite a lot, to support proper education in schools in the Cirebon Power project area.

“We are very grateful to Cirebon Power, which has paid attention to education around the Cirebon Power project area,” Toyib said.

The same thing was said by the Principal of SD Kanci 01 School, Jaja Sutarja. According to him, he often received appreciation to the best students from Cirebon Power. This appreciation also makes students in their schools compete for achievement. “Appreciation Scholarships from Cirebon Power This is the moment awaited by the high achieving students and they are competing in order to be able to achieve achievements, now the assessment of our school is ranked first as the main assessment” Said Jaja.

Jaja also said, Cirebon Power’s support for teaching and learning activities in her school, not only in the form of appreciation for students. Instead, it has also received physical assistance from Cirebon Power.


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