“Each Sponsor brings to the Project their relevant industry and technical expertise, financial strength, local knowledge and market leadership."

Samtan is one of the leading energy specialized companies in South Korea.

Samtan has devoted to energy related industry. In 1982, Samtan involved in a proactive resources development business from the beginning of unfolding the overseas energy development.  Samtan has succeeded in developing their businesses in Indonesia through their own original capital and technology. They incorporated Korea – Indonesia Resources Development Co., Ltd. and a local subsidiary called PT Kideco Jaya Agung (Kideco) in Indonesia in order to dynamically respond to changes in domestic and foreign business environments e.g., shortage of natural resources, stable procurement of energy sources, and increase of demand on global thermal coal.

Samtan started as a South Korean domestic company and quickly grew into a global energy enterprise with a professional capacity to produce and sell 37 million tons of coal annually.

Website www.samtan.co.kr/eng