“Each Sponsor brings to the Project their relevant industry and technical expertise, financial strength, local knowledge and market leadership."

Komipo is a power generation company spun off from Korea Electric Power Corporation on April 2, 2001, following the enactment of Electric Power Industry Restructuring.

Komipo operates six power generation facilities, which supply 13% of all domestic electric power in South Korea and takes lead in developing and utilizing renewable energy as exemplified with Yang Yang pumped storage power plant and wind power plant, which are much esteemed for applying environment-friendly energy. These endeavors have resulted in many success stories such as successfully being commissioned for the Cirebon Power Plant construction project in Indonesia,

To realize its dream of becoming the top-rated energy company in the world, Komipo is striving to develop advanced management capabilities and technology, and nurture a creative corporate culture.

Website www.komipo.co.kr/english/